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Dealing with scope in projects

by asatiir » Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:08 pm

It's something anyone that worked on a passion project dealt with, as some might know that I'm working under the name Zombie Camel Games with my brother and a friend to develop games. For the past 2 years our game project had went through many changes and names due to how large the scope it was going for as our first game (even before my text adventure). Anyone that makes anything in their spare time while having a full-time job would know how hard it is to stick to schedule if you come back home tired and exhausted to work on the project.

That was the case with what we called "Project: Pangaea", it didn't help that we had to take vacations in order to work on it and the fact that one of us was sent to South Korea for work training. The project stagnated for a while until we decided to keep the project on hold and work on smaller projects to gain some experience making games before we decide to get on it again. A lot of the work we did on it I'd say we were pretty proud of (I especially felt accomplished with all the art assets I've made for it), but if progress on the game is as slow as it is now without any of us learning anything from it, it might as well wait until we get better at it.

My friend in South Korea even expressed feeling better about this decision because feeling guilty about not working on the game stopped him from experimenting on other things in other engines. Pangaea was supposed to be built on Unity, but he wanted to try out Monogame. Game development is a time consuming and usually underestimated art form that takes a lot from a person to make anything cohesive. Like Extra Credits said on an episode, it's a downward spiral of failing until you get it right.:

At the moment I'm working on the graphic adventure version of my text adventure while my fellow teammates are having their time to think on what to make individually (we agreed on working on individual projects and keeping it open for the others to help in, much more easier to learn that way). I feel like a weight lifted knowing that our work isn't stagnating due to our tight schedules, I hope we make more games while Pangaea is being saved for a time when we're better.

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