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Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:05 pm


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Re: Going dark: A week-long experiment

by Elanzer » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:37 pm

As someone who never actually hopped on the social networking train to begin with after hearing about "this site called Myspace where you put in your real name and everybody reads about things you like and stuff" and thinking the whole concept sounded even more boring than my life would've seemed at that age had I been forced to summarise it for random viewers, this has been an interesting read. I do have a Twitter which I use as a news feed for a few very specific people and services of interest, but I'm not sure it counts when I don't even know how to put out a tweet myself, have 0 followers, and keep it the hell off my phone. In fact, I'd be happy to ditch it altogether if only certain people didn't insist on making it the only place they'll disseminate important information.

At my level of disconnection it's practically become part of my identity, and I doubt I'll ever get into it now more and more people are starting to leave it behind and reap the benefits. If you're finding it difficult to start with, I'm sure it'll get easier in no time, and you'll find there's lots of perks beyond the immediately obvious in becoming someone people actually have to put effort and thought into contacting or spending time with.

A warning though: Loss of friends, being treated as if you're homeless/some sort of criminal, growing disgust towards everyone around you still perpetually plugged into the Matrix, and excessive daily offerings to Snowden-senpai are potential side effects to be aware of. Oh and fuck those sites which require you to sign in using Facebook and all.

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