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Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:54 am

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App recomendations for scanning/cataloging games

by Beige » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:06 pm

Hey yall, does anybody know of any good apps (iOS for me) for scanning / cataloging a collection of video games?

Context: Realized today I haven't turned on my 360 in basically a year or more, so I'm thinking of just grabbing my entire XBOX 360 collection and console and just walking down to the trade-in center with it -- but before I do this, I'd like to build out some kind of database for my collection... either just for posterity or so that I can start exporting lists of my games to potentially throw it up on ebay or something of the like to evaluate what it might be worth. I know for sure that if I just take everything down the road to GameStop I'll be guaranteeing myself the lowest possible price on this earth, so I need a way to start exploring alternatives.

I have some nice gems in the old 360 collection -- Lost Odyssey, Viva Pinata, Condemned 2... stuff that is actually worth at least a few bucks on eBay individually, assuming anyone would want to buy them in the first place. I've also got a huge chunk of just what I'd call AAA shite -- Assassins Creed I through VIII anybody? Games that, should I ever want to play it again I would download it on a Steam Sale for $0.99. There is much less crossover between "stuff I would want to keep in physical form" on 360 vs PS3 strangely, probably owing to the massive portability between 360 games and PC/Steam.

Anyway, I note that there are a few apps like [url = ... 22786?mt=8]Video Games Manager[/url] that will allow you to scan barcodes and categorize games into searchable groups. Has anybody ever used software like this, and what are your experiences with it?

Bonus points for me would certainly be the ability to export my scanned list to some kind of excel file at the end of the day, and/or post my collection to a website somewhere so people could evaluate it, either for buying or just for bragging rights before I give it all a viking funeral.

Thoughts anyone?
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Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:15 am


Dubai, UAE

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Re: App recomendations for scanning/cataloging games

by asatiir » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:20 pm

I used a few in the past and none I can really recommend. I usually just use backloggery, sure it's all text and manual input but it worked better for me. The manual input kinda guilts me into playing the games in my collection instead of leaving them to ferment.

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