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Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:39 pm

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Re: E3 2015 - Squad Thoughts

by Bowley » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:13 pm

Beige wrote:Re: Bowls - I like to believe it's the former. Devs taking a look at themselves and deciding they'd like to do it for their own reasons.

I'm pretty sure that the cold logic of AAA development would say that the commercially less risky road would still be the correct choice if the passion wasn't there.

It's not like the bean counters have ever given a shit about academics or cultural critics before. People ascribe way too much power to some sort of phantom cabal. Last time I checked it was still the businessmen, not the academics, who signed the checks.

True, but I think you're downplaying the level of effect they can have today. I'm sure you have you seen how fast some of these companies throw someone under the bus if there's significant social media outrage? Or how fast someone who makes a public statement that other people don't agree with are forced into submission and half-hearted apologies?

Then again, EA has been voted the most evil video game company multiple times and they seem to still be above water.
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Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:16 pm


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Re: E3 2015 - Squad Thoughts

by A.I Impaired » Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:31 am

I am fine with female main characters, even if it is unfortunately a fad. There are fads about other things. So I will refrain from calling this inclusion a politically correct decision.
Maybe Ubisoft had motivation to appease angry fans, but that does not explain the lot. Remember the E3 where hunting bows were the shit? So new! So stylish! Refreshing! I think that femininity can be a refreshing change of pace for designers too, and maybe publishers see that too after the hailstorm of militarism/space marines in gaming. Sure I would like to see more than female Nathan Drake or female Marcus Fenix. That's not where triple A is at right now.

They at least offer a role in a game that doesn't have to be overtly for my perverted sexual fetishism, while being slightly awkward to the person with blood left in their brain. Is there really a quota? If so is it motivated by feminism? Or is culture changing with the ideas and feelings of our time? The thin slice of our current gaming industry is but a taste, definitive answers are for hindsight.
For now I can only see the gals gaining more comfort seeing their gender kin performing extreme violence within killing simulators, my definition of protagonist expanding, and at the end of the day my masculinity can take it. Can yours though(all men ever)? Im really concerned about you.

Anecdotally I know that most of my male friends are pumped to get to know these new female characters. I know its weird to think of a possible demographic of men that want to explore feminine perspectives, but maybe thats just open mindedness and curiosity for you. The same audience who wants to watch Frozen, and is inspired to sing.... maybe as a guilty pleasure... because men have their own glass basement called faggotry... contrasted by gender norms that put straight lines on everything regardless of how diverse and wonderful a human being can be. Does homogeneous sex have anything to do with singing disney? No!

Who propogates these gender norms? Media, video games, etc. Who does it hurt? Sensitive people who feel alienated, and don't feel represented in the world! Its not a conspiracy, its what people live. Do we need a politically correct quota? Probably not. It can easily force a perspective without inspiration.

Should we be open to allow people the creativity to explore new spaces, and bust past established norms for curiosities sake? Please do! I want to see the voices of these types represented.

However.... AAA... don't care about that. Give them them the memo about the new way the kids are flamboyantly singing and dancing, they will give you the same song and dance (probably the charleston) they did last year but with a new hat. Its conservative. You get the hat. Do I want the hat? Im neither here nor there about the hat. It doesn't bother me though. Its a hat. It should'nt be that offensive, it might even be comfy for some of you. Get yourself together man!


The old song and dance though, it carries with it conservative non-changes that the medium has relied on since say... doom? The shooting rampage continues for 20 years. Dozens of new hats. Sometimes literally in the case of TF2. Sometimes we like the hats. We compare the hats quite often. Sometimes a hat really looks good, changes how we think about the whole show. Down to its core though its just the same old thing you knew all along, almost a comfort. Like an old friend.

This chap is set in his ways, wearing many hats... but damn does he look good.

As far as GG goes... sure, be the media watchdog... have a defended position and perspective. Fight against quotas if that is your thing. Keep it clean. I think GG is not synonymous with those things. Many have used the brand to clothe themselves for malicious acts against feminism in general, which is not so much just about shoving men down but understanding issues of representation. There is important work to be done there from my perspective. I may not adhere to certain political views, but I have to respect them, as long as they respect the rights of others.

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