Games of Shame. You know you have them. They sit in your closet, collecting dust: little jewels that you always tell yourself that you are going to play, but never get around to. Well, that’s all about to change, soldier. You’ve been drafted to join the Squadron of Shame. Here, we paratroop into the bargain bins and rescue the unappreciated games that deserve to be saved. From there we battle through the trenches as a Squad. At the end of the day, we take a moment to break down what made the whole experience worth fighting for by sharing war stories, reflections and cigars.

But the fight isn’t just on the front of retro games: any game deemed “fit for duty” by Command can be put on the pile. At the end of the day, the reason we fight isn’t just to discover new experiences; it’s to answer that simple and fundamental question: “why do we play?”

Now suit up. The pile awaits.

A History Lesson

Formed on the 1up Radio forums back in days of yore following an abortive attempt from the 1up Yours crew to tackle their own personal “piles of shame”, the Squadron of Shame is devoted to rescuing the underdog, underappreciated or simply forgotten games from the bargain bins of society.

We’re a ragtag group of gamers from all over the world, and we know that games aren’t just for kids any more. We seek out fascinating experiences and then share them with our Squadmates in the hope that we can spread some love for underappreciated titles.

Squad Missions

When the Squad was first formed, the rate of new game releases was such that it was eminently possible and practical for all of us to play through the same thing together at the same time, book-club style. We'd like to still do this on occasion, but we know that it's not always possible now that there are seemingly hundreds of games coming out every week.

So through this forum anyone will be able to submit a Squad Mission: in-depth discussion of a game that they thought was particularly interesting, relevant or unusual in some way. The topics that have the most discussion and participation will be considered "main missions" and will be highlighted, while other threads will still provide the opportunity for people to talk about interesting games at their leisure. If you've played a game that you believe hasn't had the recognition it deserves, submit it to the Squad Missions forum and let us all know why we should check it out!

The SquadCast

A big part of the Squad's work to date has been the Squadron of Shame SquadCast, an irregular podcast featuring in-depth discussions of both specific games and games-related topics. The 'cast is on temporary hiatus due to conflicting schedules, but it will be back!
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